Full Recovery.
Pain Relief.
Emotional Understanding.

Karen Joubert and I met after I was diagnosed with Stage IIIa breast cancer and had undergone a mastectomy and lymph node dissection. I had poor range of motion in one arm from the surgery and was facing chemo, radiation and more surgery. Karen and "Team Joubert" were extraordinary in every way. They helped me learn more about my body and how to identify and convey what I needed to heal. It wasn't long before I had full range of motion.

During physical therapy I began chemo treatments. My body and bones ached. Through physical therapy and massage, Karen pushed the aches from my body. Within two hours of leaving her office my entire body was relaxed, and my mind and emotions followed. Team Joubert's understanding, commitment and emotional support in treating me as a whole person helped empower me as a cancer fighter. Team Joubert is patient, committed and extraordinary.


Allison W. Gryphon has included this experience in her documentary on cancer, which is currently filming. To learn more about the project visit http://thewhyfoundation.org/


Dear Karen, Stacey, Rohn, Mona, Sharon and family,

Thank you for all your kindness, your time and empathy. But most of all the dedication in seeing to my healing and teaching me the tools to have a healthy, strong back and life.


I feel very fortunate to have found the Best Physical Therapist. It is like I'm reborn now. I want to thank all the Joubert Team and at the same time wish you all the best for the season and every happiness for the New Year.


To Karen and your amazing, kick-ass team!

I write this having just come back from hiking in Yosemite
and bragging to my friends about my incredible, good-as-
new knee. It seems crazy to think that the day we met I could barely walk, certainly not without help and with the idea of an 11-mile hike a very distant possibility. But in record time and with expert skill you guided and helped me to complete recovery! Not only that, you actually made physio fun! You're all some of the most special people I've met while in L.A. and coming into each session felt like hanging out and catching up with old friends.

With huge gratitude,


Karen Joubert is a world-class physical therapist! Her profound knowledge of the body, her uncompromising dedication to each and every patient, her full-throttle passion for innovation and solving every body issue she encounters, helps make the Joubert Physical Therapy team state of the art as well as state of the science.

Karen has saved literally hundreds of patients from surgery, including me. In my six months with Joubert, I learned more about how to avoid serious injury and how to take care of my shoulders, than from any surgeon. The medical attention I received from Karen and her immensely qualified team literally turned my life around.